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Welcome to my builders log for the very popular Van’s Aircraft RV-9. In fact I built and have now flown a Van’s RV-9A, which means that it has a nose wheel unlike the RV-9. The photos posted here helped to document my journey through the process of building (and now flying) my RV-9A.

It took me seven years, but I now have a plane, not a project. My first flight was on April 27, 2013. It was simply amazing. The plane flies straight and true and is a real joy to fly. I have started a new photo album with some pictures from the first flight. As I get through my Phase 1 flight testing, I assume a whole new section on flying and trip reports will be added to this site. Click HERE for photos of Flying my RV.

Key Terms (Glossary)

- De-burr (edges)

De-burring refers to smoothing out the edges on aluminum parts. As each part is stamped or cut, it tends to leave machine marking on the edges of the metal. If any of these markings causes a ‘riser’, it is natural spot where fatigue could cause a stress fault in the future. Many techniques are used to smooth out the burr’s in the metal. My method of choice is very manual. I start with a vixen file to remove any large bumps or burrs. From there I sand the edge using 280 grit sand paper. The last step is to run a scotch bright pad over the edge. When completed the edge should be smooth to the touch, and not catch a fingernail.

- Cleco

A cleco refers to a small clamp that can be actuated within a drill hole. They are used to hold two or more parts together, by clamping them through the drilled hole. A special set of pliers is used to squeeze the cleco into a thin straight position. From there you can place the cleco into a drill hole, release the pliers and the cleco camp will squeeze the metal parts together.

- De-burr (drill holes)

De-burring also refers to smoothing out the edges of drilled holes. As each part is drilled, small metal fragments may be left on the edges of the hole. These small specs of metal could cause a rivet to rise above the hole, instead of sitting flush with the surface. This potential gap could cause the rivet to loose strength. Special tools are used to quickly remove any burrs, by spinning a cutting bit in each side of the hole.


- RV9 vs RV9A

Vans offers many alternatives for building your plane, Tip Up Canopy vs Slider, Tail dragger vs Tricycle wheel. I learned to fly in a Cessna Tricycle gear plane, so building that seemed natural.

Van’s Aircraft RV9A

Van’s Aircraft RV9

Oshkosh 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

It took three attempts, but I did make it into Oshkosh 2015. My VFR approach from Ripon to the show, was bounced back to Ripon twice. First time there was a B52 making a low approach that closed the airport for 10


Flying over the airport

on the first flight. 4/27/2013